The First Reunion Years

Top row: The Pixies Three with Martha and the Vandellas, author, Doc Rock (Michael Kelly, PhD)

Bottom row: agents Margo and Dave Selvig and Buzzie Kelly, Detroit Michigan, 1992

Emerald Room Theater, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

With Danny & the Juniors, in Lancaster, PA

Husbands, Ike, Bob and Gary, sell merchandise at Sunfest in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Exhibit.

At the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

With Bobby Lewis (center) and Brian Hyland (right),

1997, Boston

Debby, Bonnie and Kaye in Hanover

The high school reunion was on Friday night at the Hanover Country Club. So many people who were not in the reunion class wanted to see the group that a show was held at the Elks Lodge on  Saturday night. After not having sung for 27 years, and with little rehearsal, the girls performed 56 songs in four 45-minute sets that evening.  .

Debby, Kaye and Bonnie at a show in Detroit, 1992

In 1991, the Hanover High School Class of 1966, of which Bonnie and Debby were members,  was planning a 25th reunion.  Kaye and Midge were two years older, in the class of 1964.  The reunion committee asked Bonnie and Debby to find the other two Pixies and ask them if they would perform at the reunion.  They found Kaye in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but were unable to locate Midge.  So the First Reunion of The Pixies Three was at the Hanover Country Club in the fall of 1991, with Debby, Bonnie and Kaye.      

Recreating the cover for album "Party with the Pixies Three."  The boys in the background, L to R:  Bonnie's brother; Butch Emig, Debby's boyfriend;  Gary Krebs, Kaye's boyfriend (now husband). D

Cover for the first album, "Now and Then," after a 30-year hiatus.  (L to R) Debby, Kaye and Bonnie.,

1963 - 1966

The Mercury Years

With Terry Stafford, whose hit was "Suspicion."

Another possible album cover featuring the song, "Birthday Party.".

Possible album cover featuring the song, "442 Glenwood Avenue.".

A photo taken for a co-promotion marketing program with Mercury and AMF Bowling.

In 1964, Midge left the group. Debby took over lead,  and Bonny Long joined the group singing the high part.

Singing with "The Two Teens," Joe Seddon (upper left) and Mark Hutchinson (lower left) at the New Jersey shore.

Promo picture from photo shoot.

Debby, Kaye and Midge at the Montgomery, Alabama Coliseum

Midge and Kaye backstage getting ready for a show

Singing at Grossingers Resort in the Catskills.

This photo appeared on the back cover of Billboard Magazine.

First professional promo picture for Mercury Records taken.  1963 This


Dave White, John Madara, Debby, Kaye, Brooks Arthur (engineer) and Bonnie at Mirasound Studios in New York City

This picture of the Pixies Three with their new Mercury contract appeared on the front page of their hometown newspaper, the Evening Sun, Hanover, PA


John Madara, who partnered with Dave White, produced all of the Pixies records on the Mercury label.



Midge, Debby and Kaye in their first appearance as a trio, with accompanist Norma Elsner.

Kaye and Debby's first talent show.  They won first prize -- $15.


Kaye takes over the job of accompanist.

Midge's mom Evelyn, Kaye's mom, Eleanor and Debby's mom Dottie chaperoning us in Atlantic City for the show at the Steel Pier.

Kaye's dad took this picture of the TV set when they appeared on the Ted Mack Show

Tony Grant's "Stars of Tomorrow" show on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Debby, Kaye and Midge, circa 1959



The Second Reunion Years

With Johnny Angel and the Halos, Pittsburgh, PA

Scottsville, VA,  2007

With Denny Pine singing the Monster Mash, at the Elks Lodge, Hanover, PA, 2010. P

With Jim Metzer at the First Night Hanover show.

Kaye's 60th birthday party at her house in Virginia

With Johnny Tillotson and Dick and Dee Dee in Pittsburgh, 2008

Yukking it up in Chicago, 2000

Sunfest at Ocean City, Maryland, 2000

In our home town of Hanover, 2002.

Kaye and Bonnie meet with Midge at her place in Tampa when she rejoins the group in 2000 .


1957 - 1962

The Early Years

Flying back from Harrisburg after singing background work for a Universal country artist.